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MAVALA a little bit of history:

A combination of high quality, technically impeccable products, and over 40 years of experience in the nail care field, make Mavala of Switzerland a noteworthy success story:

Jean Maute, President of Mavala since 1962, credits the firm's success with its ability to maintain its independent position as a specialist in the face of competition from the diversified giants.

Entering the UK market in 1959 with the revolutionary Scientifique (a penetrating nail hardener that not only remains one of the company's top sellers, but has outlasted perhaps 100 copies), the company has continually developed, refined and expanded the product base.

The Nail range now incorporates 20 treatment Products, to solve common nail problems from slow growth to ragged cuticles. These treatment products are complemented by the Colour, over 130 fashion and classic shades.

What lies behind Mavala's success is a combination of training, providing solid information, and products that really do work. But there is much more to attractive hands than pretty polish – as Mavala emphasise with their claim



5ml Nail Polish £3.95 (contact for colours)

Protective Basecoat £10.50

Colourfix £9.75

Mavadry £9.25

Mavawhite £9.00

Mavala Handcream with Collagen £11.25

Scientifique Nail Hardener £11.50

Nail Varnish Remover (Blue) £3.00

Nail Varnish Remover (Pink) £7.25

Nail Shield £16.50

Mavaflex £14.50

Nail Varnish Thinner £5.50

Ridgefiller £9.50

Cuticle Cream £9.25

Cuticle Oil £10.50

Cuticle Remover £9.25

Refreshing Foot Gel £10.50

Revitalizing Emulsion for Tired Legs £11.50

Talcum Powder for Feet £7.95

Smoothing Scrub Cream £11.50

Conditioning Moisturiser for Feet £11.50

Deodorizing Foot Gel £10.50

Concentrated Foot Bath £7.95

Soothing Foot Bath Salts £8.95

All products are available to purchase

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